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Hi, I'm Satyajit Nath !

Founder of SatyajitBlogs, SareeMelaShop, TazaHindi, ApnarBangla and many other online ventures

I am a web developer and also love to writing articles on technology, computer science, Blogging, Digital Marketing and write about how to Make Money Online.

Despite having sound knowledge of computer science /programming/ technology as I am holding dual degree on Computer Science, I have also failed a lot of time in the past.

After reading lot of books and technical things I know that the person who has technical knowledge plus the skill in human engineering, ability to lead people and the ability to express ideas that person is headed for higher earning power and financially success in their life.

Let talks what is SatyajitBlogs is all about ?

Let me introduce my website and how it helps you, and then I will tell you about my story.

We all are known very well that money is playing a vital role in human life. Without money, it is almost impossible to live a single day in our life.

Whether you are live in US, England, Australia, India, Bangladesh or any country of world, requirement of money is almost same for everyone in everywhere. And as we all are human, we have a common nature; we all are always trying and searching to figure out new ways to make money more quickly.

As of now, in the real world, almost 85-90% of people choosing their path for earning money with traditional offline ways and only very small portion of people i.e. 5-10% of people choosing the online platform to make money for their livelihood.

In today’s digital era, the internet has also opened various additional ways and resources to make money online without leaving one’s own home.

That’s why, I was thinking to prepare a website, where I cover a comprehensive or detailed information about how to make money online including all different ways & along with resources how to make money online without any scam. 

SatyajitBlogs is a blog website that helps you to find different lucrative ways to start make money online. We also cover topics of Computer Science, Blogging & Digital marketing those somehow also helps you to start your making money online.

In today’s life making money is not a rocket science, but it is a universal truth earning a good amount of money from online is always a real challenge for everyone.

This website helps you to choose your right track and give you best knowledge / ideas which help you to succeed in online field to achieve your ultimate goal about make money online.

My Story

Satyajit Nath story

I’m from a small town i.e. Silchar, Assam (India) and presently settled in Kolkata. I am holding dual degrees on Computer Science (i.e. BSc Information Technology and Master of Computer Application).

From my childhood, I didn’t like our traditional education system as everyone is doing the same thing and always think to do something different from others. As the time passed I fell in love with technology and computer science.

I decided to study computer science after completion of my 10th standard.

I was attended the first basic course of computer from NIIT.

After doing basic computer course I know that computer & technology are playing a great role in our lives and part of just about everything that touches our lives like learning, banking, business, airlines, railways, weather forecast, medical diagnosis, communications,  entertainment  etc.

So, finally I joined a University to pursue undergraduate course i.e. BSc in Information Technology.  While studying BSc, I also joined another institute for Diploma in Computer Hardware for includes some practical knowledge about how to fault finding and repair a computer.  

At that time, financial condition of my family was not so good and because of that I joined a government job. But I didn’t discontinue my study; after completion of UG, I joined for Master of Computer Application along with my full time govt job and thankfully completed with good score. 

After successfully study of 7+ years of computer science and grabbing good command on programming languages and technology I decided to work for some real life project.   

In the final year of PG, I started to design different type of websites i.e. Blog website, Ecommerce Website & some mobile applications.

Back in 2015, I started my first Blog website on programming languages but over the time this website was become unsuccessful due to various reasons.

I feel that traditional learning did not work much for me, so I was decided to add more knowledge through various online and off line resources to expend my knowledge to stand on crowd and also start reading different books on how to win / success in life, the power of subconscious mind and how to influence people.

After that, I re-started many blog/ ecommerce websites and this time hopefully I success to generate more traffic to my website. 

Basically, I love to write content of technology, computer science and how to make money online and here I shared quality information those I learned in the past 10 years and got from books I read and courses I enrolled for and I think which helps you obviously.

If you have any query, you can write to me by filling web form in contact us page.

Thanks for reading my story and spending your valuable time.

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