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Yah ! Welcome to very exciting part of Blogging- how to choose blog niche.

Blog NICHE plays a vital role in journey of your success in blogging.  This is the most important and crucial part of blogging.

Before starting blogging very first thing we need a NICHE  for our blog. 

In this article we will cover:

          What is a Blog Niche ?

          Why does your Blog need a Niche ?

          Parameters should follow while choosing a niche for your blog ?

Let’s get started.

What is a Blog Niche ?

If we search on Google, what is a Niche. We get result as.

google image for blog niche

A niche is an area or position that is very suitable for someone, exactly suitable for a small group of the same type.

A niche is a specialized section of a broad topic.

Simply you can say that Niche is a “specific topic” , in which topic you will write your Blog post specifically cater to one type of audience.

Let’s take an example to clear your doubt:

Fitness” is a broad topic while your blog “To help people lose weight” is a specialized section, specific topic or “NICHE” within that broad topic. Because lose weight is comes under broad topic of Fitness.

Now, you get an idea about what is Niche,

Let’s jump to next topic –

Why does your Blog need a Niche ?

why blog need a niche

Niche for your blog gives you a sense of direction and what to write about. If you pick a niche for your blog it will help you target a specific audience to understand the problems that niche your audience is facing.

If you understand the problems of your audience, it will be very helpful to you  to come up with few ideas to solve those specific problems. 

It’s human nature to associate people to just one thing. People automatically believe the person is an expert in something if the person is focused on one topic.

When you are going to start a new blog,

Ask yourself- What  Goals you want to achieve by your Blog ?

  • Are you just want to share your ideas/ creativity to other peoples freely as it is your passion and hobby.
  • Are you want to start your blog for earn money.

It is totally depends on your goal.

I think, I can solve your doubt / confusion about why does your blog need a Niche.

Ok, let’s jump to next topic –

What Parameters should you follow while choosing a niche for your Blog ?

what parameters

We know that every blog needs a niche. This is a critical step before starting a blog. Choosing the appropriate niche is the most important step for starting a new blog. Most profitable niches includes:

  • Make money online
  • Health care
  • Motivational
  • Fitness
  • Technology
  • Beautify & Fashion
  • Finance
  • Photography
  • Dating & relationship
  • Scientific research  

If you search on Google- how to choose niche for your blog ?

You get a common advice from all bloggers that ” choose your blog’s niche/ topic that you are passionate about” because it will helps you to maintain a consistent writing schedule and push through the hard times when things get difficult.

But, it’s not enough. The key to building a successful blog is finding a niche based on the real primary combination of few strategies i.e. market demand (Trends of Google), audience requirement, professional leverage, keyword research and profitability.

parameters for blog

I think, now you can able to find the perfect niche for your blog after reading this article.  If you follow above strategies this will ensure that you will not burn out when your blogs goes live.

In my point of view, most trending & all time demanding niche/ topic for blogging is

How to make money online ?

And, I have choose this topic to continue my article.

Now, a question may be obviously floating in your mind.

Why I have chosen this particular niche  ?

There are a ton of niche/ topic plotting on the web or in your mind.  But, let me give you, why I choosing this niche/ topic for discussion here.

Money is something very important in life every person. Everyone wants to earn a huge amount of money to accomplish goals of his life. Money is required in everywhere of our life- education, health care, family, charity, fun and adventure. “

Let’s take few more example to better understand why I have choosing this topic,

If I start talking with field of blogging-  Some bloggers are claim that, they are writing their blogs because it is just a hobby/ passion, they want to share their knowledge to other needy people to gain more fan and popularity.

But, after writing few days about their hobby/ passion, they wants to earn money from their blogs. That means, we can say that, main intension behind the blogging is somehow related to make money online or source of earning.   

If we think about any other field/ professions i.e. Freelancing, Online Teaching/ courses, Programming, Designing & developing, Software developing, App developing, Game developing, Youtube videos, SEO, Affiliate marketing & Reselling etc., we can also see that everyone is trying to find out a way to make money online

It means, ultimate goal of everyone is – HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE

That’s why, I am choosing above topic to discuss here.

Once you find and select your blog niche it is time to get to work on your blog.

I have tried to cover as much as I could and hope, now you get a clear idea about How to choose your Blog Niche,

But, if you still have a question or doubt in your mind about how to choose your blog niche, feel free to give a comment below.

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