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Are you looking to know how to make money using Google Trends in 2021 ?  This post is made for you here you will get everything you need to know about how to use Google trends to earn money online.

To fulfillment your ambitions and desires, you must be successful with money, and it is only possible to success while you know the secrets of Google and master in Google trends.

Ok, let’s get started.

What is Google trends ?

A trend is a general way into which something is changing, developing and popular over the period of time.  

Google trends is a platform designed and developed by Google which helps you to explore what the world is searching. You just need to enter a search term or a topic in Google search bar you will get the details of popularity of the search term, volume of Google searches, geographically where these search queries are most popular.

One of the best features of Google trends is that it is totally free to use a powerful and important tool.

What is the importance of Google trends ?

Before jump to core understanding of Google trends, you need to know basic concept of Google trends and why it is so important.

As per the latest data of 2021, prepared by various experts/ organizations, Google search engine has accounted almost 92 percent of total global search market. That is the main reason, why I am talking about only Google trends.

Google has a market share of 92 percent in search engine, Bing comes in at 2.11 percent, Baidu come in 1.55 percent, Yahoo 1.52 percent, Yandex- 0.8 percent and other search engine altogether 2.01 percent.

google share of global search

It is proved that Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world as compare to other search engines.

So, if you want to success with in business and want to make money, you need to catch and follow the trends of Google.

How does Google trends work?

Google Trends normalizes search data to make comparisons between terms easier. Search results are normalized to the time and location of a query by the following process. Each data point is divided by the total searches of the geography and time range it represents to compare relative popularity.

I think now you get a general overview about Google trends and how it works.

Ok, let’s dive into the main topic of this article, how to make money using Google trends.

How to make money using Google trends ?

There are number of ways you can earn money using Google trends. Most popular ways are:

1. Use Google trend to make money from Blog website

Make some keyword research on platform of Google to know the trending topics on Google that people are interested to know more about. Make a blog website and write some posts on Google trending topics. In few days, you will obviously get a ton of traffic to blog site.

Once you success to get more traffic to your blog website, you can monetize your website with different ads provider like AdSence, infolinks, selling banner ads etc.

2. Use Google trend to make money from news site is a one of the world top news web site. This website generating daily revenue approx $1,357 USD from Google AdSense ads only. News sites are all time topper with regard to generating money in compare to all other type of websites.

But running a news site is bit more difficult than running a normal Blog or affiliate website. As you need to publish atleast 10-15 posts on daily basis. People launch news sites to get a lot of traffic and easier to monetize news sites.

If you use Google trends in right way then it is not so hard to find out a lot of trending topics on daily basis.

3. Use Google trend to make money from Affiliate website.

4. Using Google trend to make money from YouTube video

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