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Reselling is most trending and simplest way to make money online without graving much knowledge about technology, computer and digital marketing.

You just need a device (e.g. Mobile, Tablet or Computer) to show products of other companies/ suppliers to your customers through any social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Pinterest etc to generate your Sell.

It is the best way to earn money online sitting at your home or while you are in travelling.

Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to start Reselling and how to make money online from Reselling.

Just stay with this article, I will explain here whatever information you have to know to start making money from Reselling. In this article, I will cover following: 

  • What is Reselling
  • What are the best platform/ resources for Reselling
  • How to start Reselling business and earn money online
  • How much money you can earn from Reselling

What is Reselling ?

Reselling is a business where a person selling products of other people’s to customers after adding a margin. In simple word, reseller is a middlemen standing between manufacturers and consumers.

For reselling you don’t need to hold stock, inventory management and bother about delivery of  products. Which means no stock purchasing cost, no inventory cost, no delivery cost.

You only need to choose some good products and marketing these products through social media platform to generate the sell to customers. After delivery of products, you will get your commission or margin in your bank account directly.

What are the best Platform / resources for Reselling ?

In 2020, Reselling business growing more popularity compare to other business specially in India. There are number of popular reselling platforms/Apps are available in India to start your Reselling business without investing any money.

Most popular Reselling platforms are:

1. Meesho

2. GlowRoad

3. Shop101

4. ResellMall

5. ResellMe

6. ShopperzSwag

How to start Reselling business and earn money online ?

It is very easy to start a reselling business and anyone can start his/her reselling business by today or right now, you only need two things, i.e. one android/Smartphone and Internet connection.

Following steps are required to start Reselling business:

  • Find a reselling app from Google Play Store, which have the products you want to sell.
Google play store
  • Download and install an app in your Mobile Phone.
How to make money with Reselling-Meesho app
  • Create an account by filling up some personal details and also add your bank account details to get the payment directly to your bank account.
  • Choose good products and share with your friends and people through different social media platforms.
happy saree store facebook page
  • When any customer ask you price of the product, you just need to add some margin with the original price of products (e.g. original price is 100 + your margin is 25= total customer price will be Rs. 125).
  • Ask customer to give his/her shipping address along with mobile number to send the product to him/her.
  • After getting the address, you just place an order in Reselling app installed in your mobile with the customer address and price.
  • After filling the customer details and price, you need to choose a payment method for that particular order, i.e., Online and Cash on Delivery etc.           
  • Your reselling company will forward the order to supplier/ manufacturer of product to send the same to your customer address.
  • After received the product by your customer in his/her hand, he/she will pay the product price to delivery boy.
  • After successfully delivery the product, your margin will be deposited to your bank account registered with reselling app within 2-7 days.

How much you can earn from a Reselling business ?

There is no limit to earn money by Reselling business. It is totally depend on your dedication, consistency, social presence and how you marketing your products to your audience or customer.

Many Indian women’s and mom are earning money between Rs. 15,000-25,000 per month, while staying at home and taking care of their family.

I hope this article helped you to get a clear idea about how to make money online with mobile app development.

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