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Do you want to accomplish your dream of make money online by work from home than software development is right for you?

In this article, I will teach you whatever information you need to know for making money with software development.

We are living in the digital era and everyone knows well about the power and requirement of software and technologies in our daily life.

Technologies are part of just about everything that touches our daily life like Mobile phone, computers, banking, transportation, medical, entertainment and in advance form of technology like robots, self driven vehicle, digital door, Artificial Intelligence, Drone.

We are use and run technologies because of some kind of software already installed in the devices behind the scene.

Ok, if you are not a tech guys and don’t have enough knowledge about software and technologies. Don’t worry, please stay with this article, where I will give almost all information about how to learn and earn with Software Development.

What is software ?

Software is a set of application programs that are built in computer programming languages and are used by virtually everyone in the industrialized world on real life either directly or indirectly.

In simple word, software is a collection of instructions written in computer programming languages in order to solve any problem of the real world.

Software = Programs + Documentation + Operating procedures


What are the different categories of software ?

Software can be classified into different categories based on the requirement/ needs of users:

System software:

System software is a collection of programs written to service other programs.

Web based software:

The web pages retrieved by a browser are software that incorporates executable instructions and data.

Embedded software:

Embedded software resides only in read-only memory an is used to control products and systems for the consumer and industrial markets.

Business software:

Business software restructure existing data in a way that facilitates business operations or management decision making.

Engineering and scientific software:

Engineering and scientific software has been characterized by “number crunching” algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence software:

In simple word Artificial Intelligence software is an expert systems which makes use of non numerical algorithms to solve complex problem. 

What skills you need to know to become a software developer?

  • Knowledge of programming languages i.e. C++, C#, Java, Python, Ruby
  • Knowledge of Databases
  • Familiar with Object oriented design
  • Knowledge of debugging a program
  • Knowledge of testing of software
  • It will be good if  you have a bachelor’s degree in CSE/ CS/ IT

What are the best resources for learning software development ?

There are many wonderful resources available on internet for Software Development, with the help of these resources you can start learning without leaving your own home. In my point of view best resources for learning Software development are:

  • Udemy
  • Udacity
  • Coursera
  • TutorialsPoint
  • Simplilearn
  • CodeSchool
  • TreeHouse

How to develop your first software ?

To develop / produce any Software we need to follow process model which basically consists collection of activities:

  • Gather requirement of users
  • Study the feasibility
  • Analysis the requirements data
  • Design the software
  • Translate the design into a machine readable form using programming
  • Testing the software by installing the software on user machines.
  • Installing and check the software
  • Maintenance
software development process model

How to make money with software development ?

If you are a good software developer, then countless opportunities and money making ways are waiting for you. You just need to choose, which one is suitable and comfortable for you. Most popular ways are:

  • Join as software developer/ engineer in any company
  • Build a piece of software and sell to others
  • You can teach others to software development skills
  • Freelancing on Fiverr & Upwork

There are number of websites and companies are available online where you can sell your software. Most popular platform/ websites where you can sell your software are:

There is no limit to earn money as software developer. It is vary from project to project. It is depend on your level of experience in software development. Custom software developer generally charge between $250 to $850 per hour.

I hope this article helped you to get a clear idea about how to make money with software development.

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