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Web Design is the essential skills needed to develop website and for writing the script to process at the client side. Web designing is the best lucrative way to make money online. If you want to earn money from online you need to have some sort of web designing skills.

Ok, if you have knowledge of web designing then very good.

If not, don’t worry.  

Just stay with me along with this article, I will explain here whatever information you have to know to start making money with web designing.

In this article I will covered following :

  • What is web designing
  • What are the best resources for learning web designing
  • How to make money with web designing
  • What are the best marketplace/websites for web designer
  • How much money you can earn from web designing .

What is Web Designing ?

Web designing is an essential skills to develop website and develop the components of web. Web designing actually involves different skills and disciplines, which include UI Design, UX Design, Web Graphic Design, scripting /programming languages and search engine optimization.

What are the best resources for learning Web Designing ?

At present many wonderful resources are available on internet for web designing, with the help of these resources you can start learning web designing easily step by step from zero to hero without leaving your own home.

For beginners, you don’t need to know and learn everything, you can get started with basics of web designing and everything else will learn along the way while working on projects.

Basics of web designing includes knowledge of different markup/scripting /programming languages i.e. HTML, CSS, JavaScript and knowledge of designing / editing tools i.e. Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.  

HTML is a Markup Language used for creating and building web pages and used to define visual elements like paragraphs, title, headers, list, images, hyperlinks etc.

CSS is Cascading Style Sheet used to describe the presentation semantics of document written in HTML language. Basically style sheets describe how documents are presented on screens. CSS gives the web page author powerful visual control over to change size, colour, background, images etc.

JavaScript is a prototype based scripting language. Javascript was designed to add interactivity   to HTML pages. Basically JavaScript is used to change the behavior of web pages.

When you feel you are very comfortable with basics of web designing, you can move with advance of web designing like, HTML DOM, AJAX, JSON, Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular JS, React JS and so on.

In my point of view, 05 best and free resources for learning web designing are:

w3school website
freecodecamp website
html dog website
tutorial points website
  • Coursera
coursera website

How to make money with web designing  ?

There are number of opportunities available to start make money online who have  web designing skills. With the help of web designing skill anyone can start earning a decent amount of money and also more than the regular 9-5 job. Most popular ways are:

  • Join a job
  • Start freelancing online on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancing sites
  • Design the website and sell in market places
  • Design the web template and sell in market places
  • Start web designing blog
  • Sell your courses online
  • Start a YouTube channel

What are the best market place/ website for web designer ?

There are number of marketplace/ platforms available worldwide from where web designers are making decent amount of money online. Most popular platforms/marketplace for web designing are:

  • Envato Market
  • 99 Designs
  • Template Monster
  • Creative Market
  • Mojo Marketplace
  • Codester
  • Designcrowd
  • Graphicriver
  • Fantero
  • Fiverr

How much money you can earn from web designing ?

Salary / earning of web designers can be vary depending on many factors i.e. level of education, number of years of experience and area of certifications.

When I am writing content of this blog post, I got a new project to prepare a website on fabric for selling online from Mr. Romit Rana, Director of Ekdata Textiles. He requested me, to design & develop a professional, responsive & custom website on fabric with some new and extra functionality, which type of website not yet design anyone in this world.

As he was my close friend, so I cannot charged him too much for this project. However, I charged for $500 only for this project. I am sure, if he hire anyone from Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork or local developer as per his requirement, he will need to pay more than $1000 to design such type of premium /custom website.

I can design & develop any kind of website within 4-5 days, if I continuously work for any single project at a time. But, I am too much busy with other various works, preparing content for blogs, YouTube videos & other programming projects. However, I hope develop his website within 10-12 days. So, how much I able to earn daily approx $50 with part time work with my web designing skills. I think this amount is also not bad for a normal person.

Ok, I think now you get a clear idea about how much you can earn using your web designing skills, if you work for full time.

I hope this article helped you to get an idea about how to make money online with web designing.

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