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Do you want to learn how to setup a Blog and what are the best resources for setup a Blog then this article is perfect for you.

Internet made our life very easy and faster.

If you want to know any information about education, science, political, medical, news, geographical area or anything, you just need to pick up your phone or computer and you will get your result in your hand within few seconds, just after browsing on Internet.

But, just imagine, how Google/ Internet give us result of any question or query within a few seconds.

It is just because, someone have already uploaded and store result of your question on Internet in the form of digital data or blog.

Google is a search engine, when anyone ask any question or query on Google, it just search all over the world of Internet and give the best result for us.

This is the actual power of Blog.

In today’s life, everyone have a dream of a website or blog through which he can share his ideas, knowledge and expertise with the rest of world.

But, it is experienced that people are not familiar and not well versed with, how to actually setup a Blog website and what are the software’s and resources essential to setup a Blog.  

Don’t worry, I am available here to help you.

In this article, I will teach you complete information about how to setup a brand new blog for your business or any other purpose.

I am sure, if you read this article carefully without skipping any section of the article, you can able to setup your brand new Blog website without taking any help from others.

Let’s dive in.

How to setup a Blog website ?

To setup a Blog website, we need understand basic concept of Blog and then will learn how to setup a Blog with the various software and resources.

What is a Blog ?

A Blog is an article or piece of information/ content or a journal/ diary written by a person on any topic and publish on internet using any website to share his knowledge and to educate and entertain the readers and other peoples.

A Blog is an online diary or web page written by someone by mixing text, video, graphics and digital pictures to share his knowledge or ideas to target any particular audience. 

Why you start a Blog ?

In the rapidly developing world of internet marketing and social media, blogs have emerged and established  as an effective publishing tools for everyone.

Nowadays blogs is a great platform and marketing tools for companies to establish closer connection with their customer.

Blog provides you with endless development opportunities as Blogs are growing in popularity among businesses and individuals alike.

Having a blog not only does make you look super professional, but it also becomes very easy for your audience to find you.

There are many reasons, to start a blog immediately. Common reasons are:

reasons for starting blog
  • You can share your knowledge with others
  • You can meet new people / experts in your field.
  • You can learn new ideas/ technical skills from others.
  • You can attract your audience.
  • You can establish your brand and authority.
  • You can promote your business.
  • You can make money from your Blog.

What are the resources required to setup a Blog ?

To setup a Blog you need a lot of software’s and resources. Common and best resources are 1) Computer, 2) Internet connection, 3) Niche/ Topic, 4) Domain Name, 5) Hosting, 6) cPanel, 7) Code Editor, 8) CMS, 9) Theme and 10) Plugins.

One Desktop or Laptop:

At the very beginning you need have a desktop computer or Laptop. Without a computer, you can’t think to setup a beautiful Blog website.  

An internet connection:

To live your Blog, you need to buy an Internet connection. To run internet on your PC/ Laptop, don’t need to buy any additional Internet package. You can use internet in your PC/ Laptop using hotspot of mobile internet.

Niche/ Topic for your Blog:

A Niche is a specific topic, in which topic you will write your Blog post to target a specific audience. Niche for your blog gives you a sense of direction and what to write about.  

Identify for your Blog (i.e. Domain Name):

We identify any Blog website with the help of Domain Name. To identify your Blog on the crowd of Internet, it’s need a unique name (i.e. Domain Name). For example,,, etc. There are different types of Domain Names available i.e. .com, .org, .gov, .edu, .net, .in etc. To register a Domain Name for your Blog website, you need to pay money.

Space on Internet (i.e. Web Hosting):

A web hosting is basically some space allocates on Internet to store your files, information and data. A web hosting makes the files of your website available for 24×7 hours so that visitors can  view online. Most popular web hosting providers for Blog websites are 1) Bluehost, 2) Hostinger, 3) HostGator, 4) Siteground, 5) HostPapa, 6) Dreamhost and 7) GoDaddy etc.  

Don’t compromise while purchasing a hosting plan for your Blog website. Hosting is very important for your website, speed, performance and security of your website will totally depends on your hosting plan.


cPanel stands for Control Panel, which is normally provide by your web hosting service provider. cPanel is a browser based control panel that website owners use to manage his site. From where you create FTP users, your brand email addresses, adding more domains, create database etc.

Code Editing Software:

If you want to setup a beautiful Blog, you need to written little bit coding/ programming. To write coding, you need a Code Editor software. I mean free software i.e. Notepad++, _____ etc.  

Content Management System:

A Content Management System(CMS) is software used to create, manage and modify the content of web. Most popular CMS are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify and weebly.  But, majority of people are using WordPress CMS for their website.

Design a website:

Web design is an essential skill to develop a website or blog. It involves different skills including UI Design, UX Design, Web Graphic Design and SEO etc.  

Theme for Blog:

A theme is a face, overall look, feel and style of your website which visually display before your visitors and customer.  Most popular wordpress themes are Generatepress, Astra, OceanWP, Genesis Framework, Divi etc.


A Plugin is a bit of code that adds new functionality to  your WordPress site or extends existing functionality on your Blog website. Most popular plugins are Page Builders, Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Google Analytics etc. To get the benefits of Plugin, you need to install on content management system i.e. WordPress.

With the help of Page Builder you can design any type of beautiful web pages without knowledge of coding and programming.

Make necessary static pages:

To run any type of websites i.e. Blog, Ecommerce, news, Business etc you need to have some important static pages, i.e. 1) About Us, 2) Contact Us, 3) Privacy Policy, 4) Terms and Condition.  

Once you have successfully installed above software and plugins in your Blog website, you are just ready to write content for your Blog.

Write content on your Niche:

Finally publish your content to live

Satyajit Nath

Satyajit is graduate in Information Technology and MS in Computer Science from the Manipal University, is also founder of SatyajitBlogs, Tazahindi and many other online ventures. He loves to writing about tech topics, like computer science, web designing, programming, computer architecture & blogging.

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