How to start a Blog in 2021 (A complete guide from scratch)

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Want to start a Blog and looking for easy guide on how to start a Blog in 2021 ?

OK, you have come to the right place,  

This is the Best Decision in your life, Blogging is a great way to start building your online career which could help you to reach the new heights and lead you to success.  

I have prepared this article very simple and easy so that anyone can follow and would be benefited.

Any guys visiting this post EITHER searching over internet for easy guide to start a blog from zero OR searching a way  to make passive income. Also, I am sure your searching  will be obviously end here after reading this full article.

If you want to leave your 9-5 boring job and want to become your own BOSS than start a BLOG is a Good Decision.

Actually this is the main reason behind the blogging. Everyone want to earn a hasty amount of money but don’t want to use 9-5 job for mode of earning.  

It’s not mean, I am telling you for leave your job right now as you will start your blog today.

As per my experienced, almost  95% of new guys/ bloggers are always fails and quit their blogging journey within a short period of time.   

Now, a question may be obviously floating in mind  that :

If all Tech  Guru and experts in blogging,  are sharing their real ideas and step by step guide with us than why 95% of new bloggers are still failing to achieve their success ?   

GENERALLY, we get a quick answer for this question, EITHER they (I mean new blogger) not follow advise / ideas properly OR they don’t implement their ideas on ground with patience.

Also, if we search on Google “Why bloggers fail ? ” you get the answer that “Bloggers fail because they are not passionate enough”.

Some bloggers claim that, I am writing blogs not for money, it is my HOBBY and PASSION.

BUT, IT IS NOT TRUE, actually  they don’t know how to earn money by blogging with passion yet.

If I asked same question to me (Why 95% of bloggers are still fail to success in their blogging journey ?)

THAN, I get  a different answer for it that all Tech Guru and experts are sharing their ideas  and step by  step guides on the same line of view which is no longer use or outdated advice. We all are aware a little bit about with these advices, these may be like:

  1. First we need to choose a Niche for our BLOG.
  2. Pick a domain name & hosting for your Blog
  3. Then, install a Platform for blogging (CMS, obviously it will be WordPress)
  4. Then, install a ton of plugins (for looking your blog shiny)
  5. Then, write and publish our first blog and make it live.
  6. Then, we may work on SEOs for ranking on google, yahoo, Bing and others.
  7. And so on….

So, we need to understand problems and requirement of our audience (In this case our audience is new bloggers) and try to solve their problem by adding something more on above list  by re-arranging our ideas so that they get maximum benefits by adopting our advice/ideas in their blogging journey.

NOW, one question obviously floating in mind, Who I am  and Why should you follow my advice ?

I am Satyajit, 35 years of old Indian male working in the tech industry. I am holding dual degrees  on Computer (i.e. Bachelor of Science on Information Technology and Master of Computer Application). Basically, I am a computer programmer, web designer/developer and  loves to writing blogs and making different software/ application on different programming languages. I have designed/ developed different websites, out of which most popular are i.e. 1) and 2)”

Despite having sound knowledge on programming/ technology, I’ve also failed a lot of times in the past.

That’s why, I am writing this article in detailed and try to include all Nuts and Bolts actually required for blogging.

Okay, let’s break this down and start from the beginning.

First of all ……

Table of contents


  1. What is a Blog ?
  2. Why start a Blog ?
  3. How to choose a Niche for you Blog ?

i) What is a Blog Niche ?

ii) Why does your Blog need a Niche ?

iii) What parameters should follow while choosing a niche for your Blog ?


  1. Identify the current problems in your Niche
  2. Understand your audience requirement & problem


  1. Prepare a roadmap  for complete your Blog
  2. Choose  & buy a Domain
  3. Choose a Good Web Hosting Company & register your Domain Name


  1. Choose a platform for your Blog (CMS)
  2. Develop a Theme for your Blog
  3. Make necessary static pages for your Blog
  4. Install necessary Plugin for looking your Blog beautiful


  1. Narrow down the topics
  2. Write an outline & prepare structure for your Blog
  3. Write a rough draft
  4. Use images, videos to enhance your post
  5. Add styling to looking better 
  6. Get feedback
  7. Revise your draft
  8. Finally publish your Blog to make it live


  1. Strategy for driving traffic for your Blog
  2. SEO for driving traffic
  3. Promote your Blog on Social Platform


  1. Different monetization methods

Satyajit Nath

Satyajit is graduate in Information Technology and MS in Computer Science from the Manipal University, is also founder of SatyajitBlogs, Tazahindi and many other online ventures. He loves to writing about tech topics, like computer science, web designing, programming, computer architecture & blogging.

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