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Do you want to know what are the subjects cover in Computer Science and searching over Internet, then this article is made for you. In this article, you will get complete information about subjects cover in Computer Science, how to learn Computer Science and benefits of learning Computer Science etc.

Computer science is part of just about everything that touches our lives. Computer Science is the study of computers and computing concepts. Computer science gives student opportunity to investigate career in different well-known areas.

As we live in a digital era, it is become necessary to have knowledge of computer for everyone for use in their daily life to live. Learning computer science will help us to live in the future world we are creating. Having skills of computer science will also enable you to succeed in the workplace of the future.

As per my experience, it is observed that students are always confused about what are the subjects, topics and syllabus covered in computer science. To sort out the confusion of those people, I have intentionally prepared this article and hope that you will learn something from this article.

Now, one question obviously comes in your mind that who I am and why you read my article ?

I am Satyajit Nath, holding dual degree on Computer Science i.e. BSc-IT & Master of Computer Application and also holding a Diploma in Computer Hardware and Repairing.

Intention of disclosing my educational qualification /degrees here for just building your confidence to read this article without any hesitation.

It is very essential and important to clear your doubt before join to pursue any computer science UG/ PG degree from any university so that you can achieve your goal / target in a better and meaningful way.

If you read this article carefully without skipping any part, you will find whatever information you need to have before join to pursue any Computer Science UG/ PG degree.

What is a Computer Science?

Computer is an electronic device or machine which capable to accept data from user, store digitalized data, perform & process the operation in accordance with a set of instruction and give us the desired result as output.  Computer Science is an academic programme which includes a number of areas combining the subjects of Science and Engineering.

What are the subjects cover in Computer Science?

Computer Science is the study of computers and computing concepts. If we talk about traditional degree in Computer Science from any university of India or from any country of universe, all universities are run the UG & PG courses almost similar.

The normal duration of the course is three years and four years, comprising six semesters to eight semesters. The medium of instruction is English.

In general, Computer Science covers many subjects/ areas but my point of view, Computer science cover following 5 major areas are 1) Programming, 2) Mathematics, 3) Electronic & Engineering , 4) Networking, 5) Advance technology

ProgrammingMathematicsElectronic & EngineeringNetworkingAdvance technology
C programmingDiscrete MathematicsLogic DesignNetwork fundamentalsArtificial Intelligence
C++ programmingGraphs & GroupsComputer organization and architectureData communicationMachine learning
C# programmingMathematical logicSystem analysis and designInternetworkingBig data analytics
Java ProgrammingBoolean AlgebraCombinational & sequential circuitsRoutingInternet of Things (IoT)
Web programmingProbability and statisticsMicroprocessor architectureCryptography and network securityCyber security
Server side programming Software engineeringParallel computingHacking  
Visual basic Analog and digital transmissionMobile computingHuman Computer Interaction
WML and WAP programming Operating SystemWireless and mobile communicationVirtual Reality  
Windows programming Data structure and Algorithm Augmented Reality  
Net based components   Robotics  
Programming techniques and tools    
Frames, scripts and prolog programming    
Computer graphics    
Language design & translation issues    
2-D Geometrical transforms & viewing    
3-D object representation, Geometric transformations  & viewing    
RDBMS with MySQL    

How many ways can learn Computer Science?

Computer Science courses offered by various universities and technical institutes in India and abroad at the Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) level of courses (i.e. BCA, BSc-CS/ IT, BE, BTech, MSc-CS/ IT, MCA, MTech). The syllabus of Computer Science is vary from university to university.

In digital era, we are not limited to learn anything in only traditional way. Internet gives new look & open the new door for education and also finish the geographical barrier for students. With the help of internet, anyone can learn from top universities of world without physically visiting the university.

There are number of ways you can learn Computer Science:

  • By self study with the help of Internet
  • Join courses through Distance Education  
  • Join university to attend courses online
  • Traditional way (i.e. University Campus Education)

What are the benefits of learning Computer Science ?

Computer Science and Engineering offers many types of lucrative career opportunities. Learning computer science will increase your problem solving skills and power of imagination. If you successfully achieved computer science degree, you may become:

  1. Computer programmer
  2. Software Engineer
  3. Computer Professor and Teacher
  4. Machine learning engineer
  5. Computer systems engineer
  6. Web designer and developer
  7. UI/UX developer
  8. Data scientist
  9. Database administrator
  10. Mobile app developer
  11. List is endless…

Besides above, so many other carrier opportunities are available for computer science student/ professional. If you don’t want to join any govt /private sectors job, don’t worry computer science give you other opportunities to earn money online without join any govt/ private sector job. You can start making money online using the knowledge of computer science:

  • You can make your own website to sell your ideas.
  • You can make mobile app and sell on Google Play Store.
  • You can make Computer Software and sell to others.
  • You can develop your own E-commerce website.
  • You can start drop shipping business.
  • You can join YouTube to run Computer Courses
  • You can start working as a Freelancer.
  • You can start your own blogging website.

Thanks for reading this article.

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