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Digital Marketing is basically a combined form of Marketing + Digitalized.

Now, two questions have arise here, 1) What is Marketing and 2) What is the meaning of Digitalized here.

Directly jump to Digital Marketing is not a healthy process, so now let’s  start explaining one by one so that we can understood all about secrets behind it.

What is Marketing ?

Marketing is the process of getting consumers/ customers interest in your company’s products or services. It is all about promoting a business in market or people.  It happens through market research, analysis and understanding of consumer’s and customer’s needs.

Marketing plays a vital role in creating awareness about business, customer base, growing sales and building your brand. It is one of the most important parts of any business and without effective marketing, growing of any business is almost impossible.

What is the meaning of Digitalized ?

Digitalized means to displaying information/ data in numerical digits (digital form) rather than physical or hands on. It means to put information into the form of a series of the binary number system i.e. 0 and 1, for use in a computer.

Now we can be say that we have understood what is Marketing & what is the meaning of Digitalized. Then, lets we can jump on Digital Marketing…

What is Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing or Online Marketing ?

In the earlier, marketing involved cold calling, traveling and meeting people, exhibitions, advertising on Television and Radio, publishing of your products or services on news paper and pamphlet.

Now it is completely changed and marketing is done with the help of Internet (World Wide Web).

Digital marketing is all about marketing/promoting of your business products or services using digital form on the Internet with the help of digital channels like Blogs, social media platforms, websites, mobile marketing, email marketing, video marketing, E-Commerce website and the list is huge…..

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