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why start a blog

In the rapidly developing world of internet marketing and social media, blogs have emerged and established  as an effective publishing tools for everyone.

Blogs are growing in popularity among businesses and individuals. Nowadays blogs is a great platform and marketing tools for companies to establish closer connection with their consumer.

Individual and companies have turn rapidly from paper based format of publishing of their product to the electronic media.

Blog provides you with endless development opportunities as Blogs are growing in popularity among businesses and individuals alike.

Blogs is a great platform for companies for promotion and boost sales with target audience.

It will be difficult for anyone to build authority and establish your expertise in your field, if you don’t have a blog or any kind of online presence.

It is not a matter, how talented or skilled you are as a Content Writer/ Web Designer/Affiliate marketer/ Digital Marketing Expert/ Artist/ Teacher etc, by continue blogging about your expertise, you will establish yourself in your field and people will start recognizing you in your field.

Nowadays, most companies include a blog on their website, which is written by an insider and provides the latest news, updates and information of the products of their company.

Having a blog not only does make you look super professional, but it also becomes very easy for your audience to find you.

There are many biggest reasons why you start blogging immediately. Most of the common reasons why you start a blog is explained below:

reasons for start a blog

List of reasons for starting a Blog is endless. However, I short listed here 17 popular reasons to start a Blog in 2020.

  1. Documenting/ organise your thoughts

When you start writing blog, it forces you to organize your thoughts. Writing your thoughts in the form of article is a great way to internalize something you have learned or experienced. Document you life in the form of blogging is a wonderful way to store your memories.

2. Sharing your knowledge to others.

Blogging is a best place for sharing your knowledge and expertise with other needy people. Think about all the ways you can use it to impact others lives. When you share your knowledge with others, it forced you deepen your own knowledge what you know.

3. You can help others and gain fans/ clients.

You can start sharing your expertise to other through your blog post which helps to gain your fans and clients.

4. To learn new information and skills every day.

If you want to become a blogger I mean a professional blogger, you need to keep watch on all new things related to your niche. To keep yourself updated regularly you need to learn new information and skills every day so that stand on blogging.

5. You can build your web designing/ developing skills.

If you want make blogging full time business, you need to gear up your web designing and  developing skills. For stand on blogging very important and basic requirement is designing your blog post and designing your web site.

6. To improve your writing ability  & to become a better writer.

When you start writing every day for your blog post which improve your writing skills and if you continue write posts for your blog for a longer time, once upon a time you definitely become a better writer yourself.

7. Promote your business.

In recent time, most companies included a blog page and section in their website to promote their business and generate  extra traffic to their website.

8. Blog helps you to make money online.

Blogs helps you to make money online. But, in order to make money from your blog, you are going to need a substantial amount of traffic in your website. If your  blog start lot of readers, there are many ways by which you can earning from it. Popular ways are Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Ads sales, Sponsored content and selling own products.

9. Expend your imagination do something totally out of the ordinary.

Continue blogging and writing of content expend your way of thinking and power of imagination.

10. To improve argumentation skills.

11. To become a better thinker.

12. Strengthen your knowledge

13. To inspire/ attract your audience.

14. Self promotion and new opportunities.

15. Self improvement and personal development

16. Establish you is an expert/ authority.

17. Be your own Boss.

But let me clear you that, for being a successful blogger you have to learn many thing and implement all thing to your blog to see the final result.

I recommend you to create the habit of daily wiring and learning new things daily by reading different blog post of experts which helps you become a better blogger.

I think you got enough ideas/ reasons behind the starting a Blog.

To learn more about blogging, check out following articles, where I explain about blogging in detailed.

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